Raelee’s Legacy will raise funds and seek grants to be dedicated to further research of Febrile Seizures as well as their causes, treatments, and severity. 

Raelee’s Legacy will educate by using all information available through research and testing to educate parents, teachers, medical professionals, and the community on the potential dangers associated with Febrile Seizures. 

Raelee’s Legacy will provide benevolent assistance to families affected by Febrile Seizures.


Raelee’s Legacy had the goal of building a handicap accessible and sensory friendly playground in its first year, which you may now visit in Gladeville, TN.  By facilitating a place in which any child, regardless of ability, can play alongside other children, Raelee’s love, light, and legacy will live on in his home community.  

Our continual, long term goal is to bring enough awareness and education to the medical community and to families so that Febrile Seizures do not take the life of another child.  This condition has to be known and understood rather than swept under the rug as “nothing dangerous”.